How to Improve Your Ab Workout Results With The Flexbelt

The flex belt is before you ask not something you find down your local gym, in fact most people will deny using it. That being said I have had some great results.

So you have been spending months and months training your core muscle and you are yet to even see a glimmer of a six pack. It can be hard to see why you hard work is not paying off, this is where the flexbelt comes in and can give you that extra boost to overload the muscle. In this post we aim to reveal some of the reasons why some fail in there quest for a six pack.

The Diet Needs to Be Rigth to see the results of the Flex Belt

This is probably the number one factor that is stopping people from getting those great looking abs. Whilst you can do as much work as you like in the gym if you have a large layer of fat around you belly you are just not going to see them. Make sure that you are eating right and that you have a good cardio workout to go with your abs routine.  Try to eat your five a day of fruit and veg and get a enough protein to help with muscle growth.

Targeting The Wrong Muscle Groups

I here you say how can I be targeting the wrong muscle groups. It all comes down to poor technique if you are still doing the old fasion situps where you bring your body all the way up to your knees you are not doing it right. Once you lift your body above a certain position you are no longer working the abs. You should only be doing a crunching motion so the shoulders are just coming off the ground. This where the flexbelt helps targeting the core muscle groups.

Not Working The Muscle To Failure

If you are always working to a ridged 3 sets of 20 reps you are not going to overload the muscle which you need for the muscle to grow back stronger. So next time you are in the gym do 3 sets to failure just light you would do with your waits routine. The only exception to this is if it is your first few sessions back at the gym then you need easy yourself gently and don’t go made.

Not Sticking to a Routine

It’s OK to say I’ve been working out for months with no results but if you have not been dedicated and only go to the gym once a week or only doing half a workout you are not going to see the results. Make no mistake getting a six pack is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication.

I hope this article has given you some pointers on how you can get your workouts back on track to see some positive results. You can see more great workout information at

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